Semi-Low Carb Grilled Peach Salad

 Semi-Low Carb Grilled Peach Salad? Really, Is there such a thing? Well, it depends. If you are following a ketogenic diet go ahead and skip over this Salad, But if you are allowing yourself about 100 carbs a day, then yes this is a low carb salad if it is the main course. (Anything below 150 carbs is considered “Low Carb” but for rapid weight loss, 20 carbs per day is the limit.) I have a limit of 100 carbs per day because I like to eat and,

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Semi-Low Carb Grilled Peach Salad

Semi-Low Carb Grilled Peach Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette

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Low Carb Chicken Thighs with Portobello Mushrooms

Today we are making Low Carb Chicken Thighs with Portobello Mushrooms for dinner along with some garlic mashed cauliflower, We are still in the low carb area with the chicken, Portobello mushrooms and cauliflower. We want to make a sauce for this recipe and will need to check the carbs and tweak as we prepare it.

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Why Intermittent Fasting with a low carb diet work

Hi Again, Today I want to talk a little about  why intermittent Fasting with a low carb diet work. I know, when some read about intermittent fasting they run the other way. It really is very easy when you understand the concept and what in can do for your health. There are  many ways you can set it up to fit your needs without actually feeling like your are fasting. For me what works is to eat my final meal of the day just before 6 p.m. and then not eat again until until 10 a.m. the following day.

Intermittent Fasting with a low carb diet

With a traditional fast you usually consume no food and hardly anything other than water for an extended period of time. How long you fast is really up to you, but it isn’t uncommon to fast for 30 days. While there are some definite benefits to this, it also isn’t something that’s easily done. Sure you’ll do fine for the first day, but as your stomach starts to grumble and you’re getting tired and cold (because your metabolism start to slow to a crawl) things get a little harder. Continue reading

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Low Carb Spicy Salmon Steaks

When we are going to cook fish at home one of my favorites is Low Carb Spicy Salmon Steaks! Of course living in what was once a tired fishing village, there are so many different wild caught ocean fish to chose from it can become hard to chose which one to cook. Wild caught Salmon is imported to this fishing village but we treat ourselves to it every once in a while. With a big far ZERO carbs, it is tempting to eat it more often.

Low Carb Spicy Samon Steak

Wild caught Salmon steak gives us the much needed anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin B 12. Both of these are very important and not found in a lot fo the foods we ear. Wild Caught Salmon is a great place to get them. Continue reading

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5 Vegetables You Need In Your Low Carb Diet.

Your Low Carb dietWhile we all need to consume more vegetables than we do, there are 5 Vegetables You need in your Low Carb diet that you should eat daily if possible. Vegetables are a major source of nutrients and they include, both fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins that our bodies need.

While some vitamins can be stored for future use there are others that cannot. Vitamins that can be stored in the body are called fat-soluble vitamins and include vitamins A, D and E.

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My Whole Foods – Low Carb Lifestyle

Intermittent fastingMy Whole Foods – Low Carb Lifestyle is helping me shed unwanted pounds while still  enjoying what I eat. That said, I’ll tell you that the Whole Foods part is a lot easier than the Low Carb part. I guess that a correct way to say it is that I live a Whole Foods lifestyle with a limited carb intake. Because we are all different and have different goals, the amount of carbs we eat each day may not be the same. I keep mine around 100 grams and I’m still dropping the pounds. For some, they must restrict their carbs to under 20 grams. On a bad day I will go as high as 150 grams, but that is still considered “Low Carb” in many of the reports and guidelines available. There really  is no clear definition of exactly what constitutes a low carb diet but most reports agree that it is under 150 grams.

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Low Carb Bruschetta For Tapas

Low Carb BruschettaAdding a Low Carb Bruschetta for your tapa presentation is almost a must have. It is easy and fast to make and most of your guests will enjoy it IF you add the right items for the Low Carb group to spread it on.

Maybe here is a good time to talk a little about Tapas. In Spain where it all started, a tapa can be one item or tapas more than one item. When you sit down to enjoy a tapa it is served with your drink. In fact it started as a free item in bars when you ordered a drink. Today in Spain there are tapa bars. You go out with the intent to enjoy tapas and the drinks are the second item you consider. Tapas are not appetizer, they are the whole meal. You eat until you wish to stop. Almost any item can be a tapa. The idea is to keep it bite sized. There are cold and hot tapas. Of course, on this side of the pond, they are often served as an appetizer before a meal.

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Low Carb Tapenade

Low Carb TapenadeLow Carb Tapenade is not an everyday condiment at the Chefs Kitchen Table. It is something special when we want to treat ourselves or our guests. It has been one of those weeks here in our casa where we want a treat or two while staying Low Carb. We have family visiting us from the states and that always creates a challenge when it comes to food. We are expected to offer at least one “home cooked” meal while they are here. Yikes….they are here for a month so I am sure it will be more than one meal.

Tonight will be Tapas. We will be serving the Low Carb Tapenade with grilled asparagus  spears along with Bruschetta with toasted sourdough baguette slices. My wife and I won’t be eating the baguette slices so I am thinking of grilling some chicken breasts. I’ll slice the grilled chicken breasts at an angle about a quarter of an inch thick. Let them cool and you can top them with the Low Carb Tapenada or the Low Carb Bruschette. Great finger food.

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Low Carb Chicken Taco Salad

Taco Salad

Serve it on a tortilla and the can eat it as a salad or a taco

Low Carb Chicken Taco Salad is a low-carb recipe that is easy to make and oh so good. This is today’s lunch here at the Chefs Kitchen table. I will try to add more low carb recipes with each of the articles as time permits. Once in a while I will add a recipe that is not low carb. This is because some people following this lifestyle have a “free day” or two each month when they eat anything they like.

In the last article I mentioned that I have moved my Whole Foods Lifestyle to  Low-carb. This does take a little time if you wish to do it correctly for long term benefits. Years ago when Atkins first hit the market in a big way and it seemed everyone was on it, I jumped on along with them. I mean, here was a doctor telling us we could eat ALL the bacon we wanted to and not only was it healthy but you would lose weight.

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Weight Loss Can Be Fun

Weight Los Can Be FunI have been losing weight over the past eight months and it feels good. Actually if you planned to lose it then Weight Loss Can Be Fun. So far there are 43 pounds Lost but Not forgotten. I am planning to lose another 43 or so pounds over the next few months. And you are invited to join the journey if you would like. I will be sharing recipes and information about a whole foods lifestyle and how it can really make life much more enjoyable. There are many health benefits that go with it which we will explore as well. And I will be sharing a few surprises along the way. Continue reading

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