Fake Meat Or Real Food

Fake Meat or Real Food

bean and sweet potato veggie burger with avocado and spinach

Fake Meat or Real Food has become a subject of interest that is growing almost daily. What is a Veggie Burger made of? Will it taste like the meat it is replacing? Should I make my own or is it safe to purchase the premade veggie burgers?  The Questions Continue.

As a chef, I believe that making our own meatless burgers is the proper choice. First, you control the ingredients and second it is fresh. Even if you freeze any extra veggie burgers you make, you will know how long they have been in the freezer when you get ready to use them. We can not say the same about the frozen veggie burgers we find in our grocery freezer. Continue reading

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Develop A Healthy Eating Habit

A Healthy Eating HabitIf you are planning on living a clean eating lifestyle then you need to Develop a Healthy Eating Habit. Most of us have bad habits we’d like to break. We eat at fast food outlets because we did not plan our meals and allowed ourselves to become very hungry, or eat too much chocolate, some of us still drink bottled soda instead of water, and the list goes on.

We have good habits as well, we just think about them much less often. We might hang our keys in the same place every day so we never lose them, or walk a mile after dinner every day. Those are good habits that get much less attention from us as the bad ones we’d like to get rid of. Healthy eating can become one of those good habits. It just takes a little preparation. Continue reading

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Bad Low-carb Day

Bad Low-carb Day


Yesterday, at my house it was a Bad Low-carb Day. I started the day with a nice big piece of ice cold watermelon before I looked up the carbs. There are 8 carbs with a 3 ½ ounce slice and no fiber so they add up fast. I am sure my slice was about 7 ounces. I had used up about a third of the carbs in my carb budget and that was just some watermelon that was not going to fill me up. Continue reading

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Back to the Low-Carb Lifestyle

low-carb lifestyle

Yesterdays breakfast had 11 net carbs, all from the fruit.

Yesterday I stepped on the scale and yes, it is time for me to get Back to the Low-Carb lifestyle. With all the fresh fruit available this time of year where I live, I have been eating way too much of it. Most fruits are loaded with carbs, so picking the correct fruits to eat is important if you are watching your carbs.

Yesterday for breakfast I scrambled a couple of eggs and served them with fresh papaya fresh from the trees in our yard. I only had 3½ ounces of papaya but guess what? That papaya added up to 11 net carbs.  With the whole day ahead of me, and a target of between 30 and 50 carbs for the day, that was a tad to many all at once. Side note: My wife does not care for olive oil so I have started using avocado oil when cooking or making dressings.
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Let’s Add Microgreens

microgreensA few months ago I wrote about adding Microgreens to our Salad Bowl Garden to kick it up a tad and add loads of flavor as well as health benefits. One of those benefits when it comes to growing your own greens is that you can pick and eat them right away. This preserves the most nutrients, no matter when you harvest your greens but is particularly beneficial when it comes to microgreens. You’ve probably heard about these powerhouses of the vegetable family and may even grab them on occasion at your local health food store or grocer.

When you get into growing your own greens in salad bowls, harvesting microgreens is another option. They make a great addition to all your salads. But what exactly are microgreens?

What Are Microgreens

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Growing Your Own Herbs

Growing your own Herbs

Fresh herbs add flavor to our Clean Eating recipes

Growing Your Own Herbs is a simple way to add depth to the salads you are growing. It also allows you to add a lot of flavor to many recipes without all the expense of buying more fresh herbs than you can use and then throw away half of them a week later.

Buying herbs in supermarkets can be expensive. When it comes to buying culinary herbs the best alternative is growing your own. It provides ample supply for your needs and even a novice can be quite successful at raising herbs.
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Growing Your Own Salads

Growing Your Own Salad

This is the best of Clean Eating – Growing your own Salad

Growing Your Own Salads can be a lot of fun and you will enjoy salads made with foods that you personally grew, more than any salad you have ever purchased.

We really enjoy growing and harvesting our own Salads. Green salads that are made fresh daily always seem to taste special.  Other salads such as potato or a pasta salad is usually better if left overnight in the refrigerator to allow all the flavors to meld together. Here we are talking about green salads, fresh lettuces, ripe tomatoes, herbs and various vegetables. I want to see them at the Chefs Kitchen Table daily. We like to make them a complete healthy meal. Here in Mexico, the mid-day meal is eaten around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. It is larger that the evening meal and for good reasons, which we will cover in another article

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Gardening And Healthy Eating

Gardening And Healthy EatingGardening And Healthy Eating go hand and hand with each other. We want to center on clean eating and what better way than to grow some of our own foods. Now before I hear a lot about limited time, workload, raising a family etc. let me assure you that it is much easier and rewarding to work around those little roadblocks.You do not need to start with a large garden, in fact, a small herb garden might be just the ticket to start with. Continue reading

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Spiralizing Your Vegetables

Zucchini pasta

When you make your first zucchini pasta, you will fall in love with this little gadget.

I wrote this post about Spiralizing Your Vegetables a year ago but we are having zucchini pasta for dinner today and I thought it might be a nice time so share it with you again. I love using kitchen tools to make food look more presentable or at least, not the way most guests expect it to look. As a chef, The way I present food at the Chefs Kitchen Table is equally as important as the taste of the food. Spiralizing is one of the ways I achieve that look.

The spiralizer might sound like something from a Continue reading

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Buckwheat Pancakes with Fresh Fruit

Buckwheat pancakes with fresh fruitBuckwheat pancakes with fresh fruit can be served at any meal. It does not need to be just for breakfast. And they are gluten free. Buckwheat is a berry and has nothing to do with the wheat family and while considered a grain by some, it is a berry from a flowering plant. When buying buckwheat flour it is still wise to make use that it is certified gluten-free because there could be items with gluten produced in the same facility.

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